A Morning Routine

Every successful person has a routine, and being organized within a time block of activities can help people be mindful of how they use their time and set themselves up for the day. My morning routine begins with waking up between 5am and 6am. I go downstairs and wake up my puppy. His routine is…… Continue reading A Morning Routine

Source of Poder

I have reached a milestone with my podcast project, and I have interviewed over 25 people that I believe are powerful, so their story is told. Every story on @poderpodcast is a narrative about how one becomes inspired by life experiences and usually an educational journey. I began to host Poder Podcast in May 2018.…… Continue reading Source of Poder

Change Is Not Always Simple

It may take an immediate action, or it can be a long term achievement. Nevertheless, a change in your attitude, habits, speaking, or environment can be a difficult obstacle. With out doubt, change can be an intimidating idea, but every single person has the ability to change, adapt and acclimate to any situation or life…… Continue reading Change Is Not Always Simple