About Me

There is a moment in every person’s lifetime when you realize that your dreams and aspirations are beyond the imagination of a child. Our time on this earth is worth the actions we take to solve issues, to help others, to love one another, and build a life.




I am building a life from 10 years of experience in event programming, public speaking, writing, education, reading, listening and story-telling. I am a writer because I love to place words where they belong. I consider myself an innovator as an inventor of ideas to facilitate projects, plans and many endeavors. I see myself as a powerful public speaker, as I have evolved from a timid boy in junior high school to a man of presence and ability to make a room full of people laugh, discuss and feel.

I am Sergio Armando Lagunas, and I hail from the city of Oxnard. I am passionate about helping people succeed, especially young adults figuring out their lives. I believe higher education produces foundational knowledge that prepares students to achieve their dreams and aspirations. I see entrepreneurship as the best form of building a career in any industry. I am a person who believes in the phrase, “querer es poder”, which can translate to “power is in your desires.” My power lies in the desire to change lives, make the world a better place, and leave behind a legacy so others can learn from our experience.


UC Santa Barbara 2011 – B.A. English

CSU Sacramento 2017 – M.A. Higher Education Leadership