A Morning Routine

Every successful person has a routine, and being organized within a time block of activities can help people be mindful of how they use their time and set themselves up for the day.

My morning routine begins with waking up between 5am and 6am. I go downstairs and wake up my puppy. His routine is also critical. I take my chocolate lab outside so he can perform his business. Then, we return home so we both can have breakfast. Then of course, we go on a long walk around our neighborhood.

Once we get back from the walk, I get ready for work. It may seem as if I don’t have much of a routine but I consistently complete these activities every morning to practice responsibility, exercise, nutrition, and wellness.

Many people recommend drinking water, writing in a journal, or working out in the morning. Not everyone has enough time in the morning to add these to their routine. I have tried this list of activities before, and I agree that they help with setting up the rest of the day with a tone of optimism and success.

I recommend to block out time every morning to practice what you feel is both important and benevolent. Help yourself make a better day each morning. Writing down your routine is a great way to schedule your activities. A best way to track your time is by using your personal calendar app, such as Google calendar, to time block segments of your routine. You can set up notifications on your calendar to help you remember your morning activities.

Overall, try organizing your morning routine with three main events. Each event can be built from several activities. For example, puppy caretaking is one event for me and made up of several activities like feeding or walking. Keep it simple and practical. Your morning routine may not consist of everything you would like to accomplish at the start of each day. However, you can always add desired activities to your evening (after work) routine like running or reading. More importantly, you want to be consistent with your routine. Feel the need to adjust and change your routine as you grow and progress personally and professionally.

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