Source of Poder

I have reached a milestone with my podcast project, and I have interviewed over 25 people that I believe are powerful, so their story is told. Every story on @poderpodcast is a narrative about how one becomes inspired by life experiences and usually an educational journey.

I began to host Poder Podcast in May 2018. My first episode was about civic engagement in the Central Coast of California. This podcast is slowly becoming a stronger media channel, where artists, leaders, and influencers can share their story of becoming.

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The investment to create and fund a podcast was a rightful choice embedded in the idea of having a platform for people to share their story. This podcast also serves as a way for listeners to feel inspired and become activated to make their own moves. I recently visited a classroom, where I explained my journey in creating and maintaining a podcast.

One of the main questions was “Why did you decide to start your own podcast?” The origins of this podcast involves my experience co-hosting a local college TV show for Oxnard College called OC FYI. In this show, I co-hosted interviews with influential people in the Oxnard, CA community. I also though about the idea of a YouTube channel, but realized that I wanted to work with audio and other media before embarking on a video channel.

As I continue with this podcast project, I will begin to reach out to more artists, leaders, and influencers to share their story about their source of poder!

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