New Year, New Habits

The best time to evaluate your goals, habits, diet, and purpose is now. I recognize that most people like to reflect on their achievements and desires at the beginning of a new calendar year. This makes sense because institutions, companies, and the government function on a calendar year or fiscal year, sometimes both.

I have created a system for myself that I want to share with others regarding evaluating our goals and habits for the new year.


Your mission statement is what drives your decision making process. For many people, setting goals is a difficult task mainly because they don’t have a mission statement clearly defined.

If you have not created a mission statement, answer the following question: What is your purpose and what problem do you wish to solve?


Your vision for the new year can be based on your mission statement. For me, I like to inspire my vision for the year based on how I want to see myself after an entire year.

To create your vision for this year, answer the following question: What do you see yourself completing or starting this year?


I try to set up to four major goals each year. One of my goals this year is to attend a National Conference. Since I set my vision this year to focus on professional and self development, I want to attend a national conference for an organization or association that I belong to or have not joined.

If you want to set up your four major goals, think about answering the following question: What do you want to complete in 12 months, or what do you wish to start in 12 months?

Short-Term Goals

My short term goals is a list of items I want to complete by the end of the year. For example, I want to read 5 books this year. These are short term goals that I set for the year based on my mission statement and vision.

If you want to set up short-term goals, think about answering the following question: What do you want to complete in 2-10 months?


It is important to set goals, and you should also consider improving in areas that need work. I recommend listing between 5-10 habits that you would like to improve. One of the habits I would like to improve is to set up my schedule so that I workout at the gym 3 times a week.

If you need help thinking about what habits to work on, please answer the following question: What do you want to improve, and what steps can you take to improve?


Another area that you can evaluate is the food you eat. Think about food that you no longer like, food that is not as exciting as before, and think about the food that does not provide nutrition, energy, or any benefit.

Make a list of food that you wish to avoid. Then, make a list of food that you wish to include in your diet. Your diet can evolve everyday as you choose to cook and eat. Evaluate what your body needs and does not need to be productive and full of energy.

I made a choice this summer to go with a vegan diet, which meant that from then on I was to avoid chicken, eggs, fish, and other animal products. I had excluded many food items as I have evaluated my diet for the last 4 years. For more information on my vegan cooking, follow @31veggies on Instagram