The Brick Story

Even when everything seems to go perfect at some point in time, you encounter bricks.

When you see the world as an obstacle, you limit your possibilities. You can have the most strategic goals in life, business, work, education, and family. And, you can be really good at planning your goals with intent and small actions to make sure you commit and complete these goals.

Even when everything seems to go perfect at some point in time, you encounter bricks. A brick gets thrown at you from several directions from various sources. The brick is a challenge, a person criticizing your work, a micro-aggression, a sexist comment, a discriminatory act, or any offensive act against your goals, your dreams, or your work.

You may be an artist, a scientist, or a professional that is strong and independent. And, although you may work on your own, you are not alone. You collaborate with others to learn, to brainstorm, and to find support.

And, these bricks. The bricks that get thrown at you that are precisely given to you to place obstacles. These bricks take you to an uncomfortable position to make a choice. This choice only you can make. You have to choose whether you will let these bricks pile up and build a wall, brick by brick. Or, you can build a pathway. You can pave. You can step up to a brick that gets in your way. You can lay out these bricks as they are challenges and all.

As you lay out these bricks in front of you, you move forward. You step over the bricks you have paved. You create a pathway. for yourself. And then there is that day. It can be graduation day with your master’s degree. It can be the day you meet the person of your dreams. It can be the day that you start your dream career. This will be the day your dream becomes what you always imagined.

And, when you look back, this pathway you have built has now become your story. This path now becomes a route that your children can follow. It is the path the neighborhood kids can step into. It is the pathway you set up for the next group of people to build on. So, they too can follow your pathway and branch out with their bricks to create a legacy for others to learn.

I heard this story once during an event. I could never remember who said it. But all credit goes to those who teach these lessons. We need more teachers, educators, role models, and fearless leaders to build these paths and share the map to where these roads lead.