Source of Poder

I have reached a milestone with my podcast project, and I have interviewed over 10 people that I believe are powerful, so their story is told. Every story on @poderpodcast is a narrative about how one becomes inspired by life experiences and usually an educational journey. I began to host Poder Podcast in May 2018. […]

New Year, New Habits

The best time to evaluate your goals, habits, diet, and purpose is now. I recognize that most people like to reflect on their achievements and desires at the beginning of a new calendar year. This makes sense because institutions, companies, and the government function on a calendar year or fiscal year, sometimes both. I have […]

The Brick Story

Even when everything seems to go perfect at some point in time, you encounter bricks. When you see the world as an obstacle, you limit your possibilities. You can have the most strategic goals in life, business, work, education, and family. And, you can be really good at planning your goals with intent and small […]